You have made it possible.

Where everything started

At Tibble Gymnasium, I've been lecturing in classrooms and in their big auditorium for hundreds of students about my previous experience as a volunteer in South Africa and Nepal. The student UN-organisation of Tibble provided me with a great starting package before my journey to Nepal - consisting with flashcards and several useful teaching materials. Later, they sent a multimedia projector, a laptop, football/volleyball and tons of school materials to the school in the Himalayas. We have also involved youth companies from Tibble in fundraising for WINGS projects.

We have truly achieved something great together.

Special thanks to Liisa & Ramona


To the ones who have given something extraordinary in terms of
donations, advice, commitment or cooperation to/at the projects. 

Pia L, Michael D, Eric von Arnold, Max Rivault, Julia Olofsson, Aidan Broadbridge
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Tibble Gymnasium, Danderyds Gymnasium, Houdini, 
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